Wellsite monitoring window

Wellsite monitoring window displays well drilling real-time data. Refresh rate depends on the server and is normally 1 second.

In the upper left part of the window there is depth panel, containing Drillers Depth, Bit Location, Total Vertical Depth and Lag Depth numeric fields.
Each numeric field is described with parameter name and unit symbol, e.g. Depth – m.

Alarm panel to the right contains twelve configurable numeric fields. Background colour of the fields can change to red or blue, if high or low limit value is exceeded.

Graphical panel below contains a chart with four colour plots versus time scale. The time scale span is 1 hour and it is automatically scrolled. Value axis scales of each plot can be configured independently. Each value axis is marked with the parameter name, unit, low and high scale limits, e.g. 0 – Hook Load (T) – 200.

On the status bar on the bottom following information is displayed:
Drilling Status – drilling, connection, circulation, tripping, reaming, stand-by,
Logging Unit number – e.g. Unit 2,
Data Server status – e.g. Active – Connected.

Loss of server communication is signalized by the Server Status change. Loss of data is signalized with Time-out message instead of Drilling Status.