Configuration window


Display tab contains selection lists for alarm panel numeric fields content. On both sides there are alarm limit input fields for low and high limit value.

Event Log is a text list for alarms and status change logging. Each entry contains date and time, well name and event description. The last event is always on the top of the list.


Graph tab contains selection lists for graphic panel plots. On both sides there are scale limits for low and high value axis scale of each plot.


General settings.

On the top of the window there is a wellsite selection list. The well name can be edited directly if necessary.

Connection with any available wellsite occurs upon selection of Server Number on the Setup tab. There are five servers on the list for five different logging units.

Two metric systems are available – Metric and American, switchable using Measurement System selector.

Alarms from a well site can be enabled using check box provided.

Add, Remove and Show pushbuttons can be used for well monitoring windows management.