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D-exponent Log window can be created using menu File – New – D-exponent Log. Same as other application windows, it can be stored and restored from a file.

Depth-based plots include:

DEXP – mechanical D-exponent,
DCS – corrected D-exponent,
DCN – D-exponent normal trend,
POISS – Poisson coefficient,
NGRAD – normal hydrostatic gradient,
PPGR – pore pressure gradient,
ECD – equivalent circulation density,
FRGR – fracture gradient,
OVGR – overburden gradient.

All gradients values are scaled in bar/10m.

Trip depths are marked with a graphic symbol.

Chart cursors can be set at a certain depth point which is then displayed in the bottom of the screen. Momentary data values at that depth point are displayed in appropriate fields.